* For Vitamin B5 and B12+ %RDA calculated basis ICMR guidelines 2010 for moderate working men

Benefits of Multivitamin with Ginseng

  • Maintains StaminaMaintains stamina and energy levels to meet daily needs
  • Improves Mental AlertnessHelps maintain cognitive health
  • Support Bone HealthHelps in calcium absorption to maintain bone and joint health
  • Maintains WellbeingHelps you relax and reduce stress levels
  • Boosts Immune SystemHelps boost immune system to keep you protected
  • Keeps You Fit & AlertKeeps you physically fit and alert to maintain an active lifestyle

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ginseng is considered a highly valuable medicinal herb for its powerful healing properties. It contains 2 important compounds: ginsenosides and gintonin that support each other very well. Ginseng helps keep us active, alert, and healthy throughout the day.

Nutritional Information Serving Size: 1.5 g (approx.) Quantity per soft gelatin capsule %RDA*
Energy 4.23kcal
Carbohydrate 0.10g
Protein 0.02g
Fat 0.38g
Ginseng extract powder
(Highly concentrated standardized Ginseng extract corresponding to 212.5 mg of root of Panax ginseng)
42.5 mg
Vitamin A 2000 IU 100
Vitamin D3 200 IU 50
Vitamin C 40 mg 100
Vitamin B3 10 mg 55.56
Vitamin E 5 mg 50
Vitamin B5 5 mg 100
Vitamin B2 1.5 mg 93.75
Vitamin B6 1 mg 50
Vitamin B1 1 mg 71.43
Folic Acid 0.15 mg 75
Vitamin B12 1 mcg 100
Dibasic Calcium Phosphate
Eq. to elemental Calcium
Eq. to elemental Phosphorus

75 mg
58 mg

Ferrous Fumarate
Eq. to elemental Iron
17 mg 100
Zinc Sulphate
Eq. to elemental Zinc
10 mg 83.33
Magnesium Sulphate
Eq. to elemental Magnesium
3 mg 0.88
Potassium Chloride
Eq. to elemental Potassium
2 mg 0.05
Manganese Sulphate
Eq. to elemental Manganese
0.5 mg 12.5
Cupric Sulphate
Eq. to elemental Copper
0.5 mg 29.41
Potassium Iodide
Eq. to elemental Iodine
0.1 mg 66.67

% RDA calaculated based on ICMR guideline for moderate working men. Appropriate overages of vitamins added to compensate for the loss on storage.

Ourdaily Multivitamin with Ginseng is an important supplement that contains 11 vitamins, 9 minerals and Ginseng. It helps you maintain stamina & wellbeing, keeps you fit & alert and boosts immune system.

It is easy to store Ourdaily Multivitamin with Ginseng. Keep it in a cool, dry & dark place. Protect from heat, light, and moisture.

For adult men, one capsule a day after meals as specified on the pack or as directed by the physician. For individuals with existing condition or on medication, please consult a physician before consuming the product.

There no major known side effects of Ourdaily Multivitamin with Ginseng. However, in the event that you experience any side effect, please consult a doctor immediately.

Ourdaily Multivitamin with Ginseng lasts for 18 months from the date of manufacturing. Refer pack for more details about the same.

The brown dot on the packaging of Ourdaily Multivitamin with Ginseng indicates that it is a non-veg gelatin-based capsule.

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Ourdaily Multivitamin with Ginseng

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